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    Network Analyzer
    multiport test set
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    TD 5010/TD5011 Spectrum Analyzer

    TD5010/5011 Spectrum analyzer can be widely used in areas such as Telecommunication and CATV field.
    TD5010/5011…Spectrum…analyzer...will...exceed 1GHz(0.15~1050MHz) have the glancing or fine adjust center frequency with the 100KHz/DIV~100MHz/DIV span select, compose the simple frequency-domain. One 4 and 1/2 bit LED display can be selected for the center frequency and marking frequency reading.TD5011 have a tracking generator, this instrument can be used to the pre-research testing. can detect the mobile phone’s RF circuit’s native signal. Intermediate frequency. radiation signal etc. the spectrum analyzer is used to examine and repaired that mobile phone can’t going the web, very conveniently and exactly.
    ★       Frequency range: 0.15~1050MHz
    ★       4 and 1/2 digital displays.(Center frequency,0.1MHz resolution)
    ★       Tracking generator(only the TD5011)
    ★       -100~+13dBm amplitude range,20MHz,400MHz center frequency span and 4KHz video filter.
    ★       Output power: +0~-50dBm(50Ω)
    Frequency range: 0.15 to 1050MHz
    Center frequency display accuracy: ±100kHz
    Marker accuracy:   0.1% spans 100 kHz
    Resolution of frequency display: 100 kHz(4.5 digit LED)
    Frequency scans width accuracy: ±10%
    Frequency stability: better than 150 kHz/hour
    IF Bandwidth(-3dB): 400 kHz and 20 kHz;
    Video-Filter(ON): 4 kHz
    Sweep rate: 43Hz
    Amplitude range: -100dBm to +13dBm
    Screen display range: 80dB(10dB/div)
    Reference level: -27dBm to +13dBm(in 10dB steps)
    Reference level accuracy: ±2dB
    Average noise level: -90dBm to(20kHz Bandwidth)
    Distortion: <-55dBc of 2nd and 3rd harmonic
    Third order intermod: -70dBc(two signals> 3MHz apart)
    Sensitivity: Better than -90dBm
    Log scale fidelity: ±2dB(without atten.)500MHz
    Input attenuator: 0 to 40dB(4×10dB steps)
    Input attenuator accuracy: ±1dB/10dB
    Max. Input level: +10dBm, ±25V DC(0dB atten.) +20dBm(40dB atten.)
    Frequency scans width: 100kHz/div. to 100MHz/div, in 1-2-5 steps and 0Hz/div.(Zero Scan)
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