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Network Analyzer
multiport test set
Mr Zheng,General President  
Huoju Building,9th floor
Chuangye Road,Chengdu ,China
Tel:+86 028 85157401
Fax:+86 028 85157403
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TD3612A Scalar Network Analyzer

TD3612A Scalar Network Analyzer is a highly intelligent RF scalar  network analyzer, widely used in areas such as CATV and Telecommunication. It can speedily and accurately measure Gain,  frequency response,  Atten and Return Loss. Its measurement targets  transmission  characteristic and reflection characteristic of various RF devices including Amplifier, Coaxical Cable, Power Divider, Divider, Antenna, Coupler, Attenuator, Filter, Isolator  and etc.
Frequency Range: 1~2300MHz
Frequency Resoulution:10KHz
CW Accuracy:﹤±200KHz
Level Control RF Output Power Range:+10dBm~0.1dBm in 0.1dB steps
RF Output Impedance:50Ωor75Ω
RF Output Connector: Type N Female
Signal Purity: Harmonics and Non-Harmonics Spurious:<-30dBc
Output Flatness:< ±0.5dB
<+1dB+0.1dB/10dB(With Option Remote control Attenuator )
Scale Resolution:0.1dB to 10dB in 0.1dB steps
Dynamic Range:+16dBm~-55dBm.Can make to -60dBm
★Digital read-out
★Measurement  curve and data can be printed at the same time through jet printer.
★Operations under menu instructions, which is easy to learn.
★Connection with computer by GP-IB Option. The data is then saved and the curve displayed on the computer.
★Function as a single signal source. It sustains both CW and sweep frequencies.
★Printer and cables
★Analyzer GBIP panel and cables
★Computer GBIP panel and  telecommunication  software.
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