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    Network Analyzer
    multiport test set
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    TD3618D Vector Network Analyzer

    TD3618D Vector Network Analyzer is combined by a high-precision synthesized signal source wiht latest technology, narrow-band receiver, high peed embedded computers and the Windows operating system. Its feature has high measurement accuracy, fast measurement speed and strong measurement adaptability etc., Windows operatinginterface is more user-friendly and suitable for mass production of RF components and equipment and measurement applications in manufacturing, with a very high cost performance.

    TD3618D Vector Network Analyzer have powerful measurement functions, mainly used in the field of wireless communication,broadcast television, education, scientific research and so on ., and for the Amplifier, Coaxial cable, Splitters, Combiners, Antennas, Couplers, Filters , Isolator, Branch distributor, Crystal, SAW these RF devices, They can make a full range of measurement for its S-parameter of these RF devices, such as the Amplitude Frequency characteristics ,the Reflective characteristics, Phase characteristics, Delay characteristics etc.. For example : it can make a fast and accurate measurement for the RF devices’s Insertion loss, Attenuation, Isolation, Gain, Frequency response,In-band Flatness, Phase, Group delay, Returnloss, SWR, Impedance, 3dB Bandwidth ,Band rejection, Stopband bandwidth,Rectangular coefficients and so on.


    Functional Feature:
    ★  System Impedance:50Ω or 75Ω
    ★  Instrument Use Interface:Chinese or English, to meet different user demand.
    ★  Dual Port Test Mode:Can test 4 S parameters (S11、S21、S12、 S22) of the devices on two port at the same time. 
    ★  Windows Operating Interface:12.1 inches TFT color LCD screen,touch screen, show clear,simple and quick operation.
    ★ 4 Independent Measurement Channals:Each channel can be set independently source
       parameters(such as frequency,power and so on), to meet the users to test the
       same device under varying conditions.
    ★ Save /Recall Function: User-friendly save/recall the measurement results in the hard dish or U plate.
    ★ Can use macros VBA programming, make automatic control test.
    ★ LAN Interface: Convenient for the users to connect LAN,WLAN card, which is easy for users to carry out the remote data transmission.
    ★ Data format: Loy,Phase,Smith,Polar,Lin,SWR,Real,Imagmary,Expand Phase,Positive Phase etc.
    ★ Various sweep mode: Lin Freq,Loy Freq,Seyment,Power Sweep.
    ★ Trigger mode: Continuous,Single, Hold
    ★ Anylyzer Function
        ◆Limit Test : With limit,Ripide limit,Bandwidth limit testing function,Convenient for user to judge the products qualified or unqualified,thus greatly improving the testing efficiency.
        ◆Marker: The max total 9 marker can be dispalyed at the same time. Different curves of marker can be operated independently.
        ◆Marker search: Max,Min,Peak,Target ,Tacking,Bandwidth search etc.
    ★ Calibration Method Enhanced Response effectively eliminates the directivity error,crosstalk,source match error,frequency response reflection tracking error,and frequency response transmission tracking erroe from the test setup in a transmission or reflection test using those ports.

    Expansion Port:   In some cases, the user can not make a calibration on the testing interface, port expansion can make a compensation for the shift or delay between the testing interface and the device under test to meet the user and improve the testing accuracy.
    ★ External Interface: USB,LAN,RS232,Keyboard & Mouse PS/2 interface, VGA,GPIB (option) .

    ●  Main Specifications

    Frequency Range
    300KHz ~ 3GHz 
    Frequency Accuracy
    ±5ppm  (23℃±5℃)
    Frequency Resolution
    Output Level Range 
    -45 dBm ~ +10dBm
    Level Accuracy 
    ±0.8  (0dBm,50MHz)
    Level Resolution
    Noise Phase
    Harmonics/Non- harmonics Spurious
    IF Bandwidth:
    Dynamic Range
    Maximum Test Port Input Level
    Input Damage Level
    +20dBm, ±30VDC
    Phase Resolution
    Phase Stability
    Logarithmic scale
    Sweep time
    25ms(201, IF Bandwidth 30KHz)
    12.1 Inch TFT Color LCD
    Measurement mode
    Two port measurement
    Measurement channel
    4 channel
    Data foemat
    Loy、Real、Phase、Group delay、SWR、Smith、Real、Imagmary、Impedance
    Sweep mode
    Trigger mode
    Test port
    N female
    Communication interface
    USB,LAN, RS232,GPIB, Keyboard interface,VGA
    Power supply
    AC 90V~260V/47~63Hz; 350VA
    428×395×273mm(width XlengthX height)
    Working environment temperature

    TD3618D Option
    Option :250E
    2-port; 50 ohm
    Option :275E
    2-port; 75 ohm
    Option :1E4J
    N-50J calibration Kit( open, short, load, adapter)
    Option :1E4K
    N-50K calibration Kit ( open, short, load, adapter)
    Option :1E5J
    N-75J calibration Kit ( open, short, load, adapter)
    Option :1E5K
    N-75K calibration Kit ( open, short, load, adapter)
    Option :1E6J
    F-75J calibration Kit ( open, short, load, adapter)
    Option :1E6K
    F-75K calibration Kit ( open, short, load, adapter)
    Option :1E7J
    SMA-50J calibration Kit ( open, short, load, adapter)
    Option :1E7K
    SMA-50K calibration Kit ( open, short, load, adapter)


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